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  • Vehicle Registration Renewal Month


    The month when your vehicle registration is up for renewal depends upon your last name. To find the expiry month of your vehicle(s), find the first letter of your last name. Some last names require the first two letters.

    Expiry month: January
    Last name begins with: A (no Av), I, J, Ke, U, X, or Company #

    Expiry month: February
    Last name begins with: M (not Me) or Q

    Expiry month: March
    Last name begins with: B (not Be) or Y

    Expiry month: April
    Last name begins with: D or G (not Gr)

    Expiry month: May
    Last name begins with: C (not Cl) or N

    Expiry month: June
    Last name begins with: Cl, H, or Sc

    Expiry month: July
    Last name begins with: Av, Be, L, Sz, V, or Z

    Expiry month: August
    Last name begins with: E, Gr, or R

    Expiry month: September
    Last name begins with: F, Po, or T

    Expiry month: October
    Last name begins with: S (not Sc or Sz)

    Expiry month: November
    Last name begins with: K or P (not Ke or Po)

    Expiry month: December
    Last name begins with: Me, O, or W

    We can easily help you remember your renewal month with the following options:

    • Register online to have your vehicle registration automatically renewed each year
    • Sign up for an email reminder so we can let you know when your registration is due