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  • Comissioner for Oaths

    A “Commissioner for Oaths” in the Province of Alberta may witness signatures on legal documents or witness a witnesses signature on legal documents such as Statutory Declarations, Land Titles Transfers, Vital Statistics Documents, Divorce Documents, etc. A “Commissioner for Oaths” may NOT perform other actions, such as certifying true copies, completion of documents, etc.

    We provide this as a walk-in service, and charge $21.00 per document Commissioned.

    If your documents require certification by a Notary Public, you must have them certified by a lawyer. For a Lawyer in our area contact:

    Venture Law Group LLP
    Suite #111, 9440 49 Street NW
    Edmonton, Alberta
    T6B 2M9

    Telephone: (780) 450.2929
    Facsimile: (780) 462.1672

    For Further Information On This Program, Click Here.